Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me, Me, Me

Had quite a day today.  The self-centered mentality of people in this country continues to grow exponentially.

It started in Walmart this afternoon when we went to pick up a few things.  The aisles in our Walmart are not exactly spacious; you can barely fit two carts side by side.  As we turned our cart down one of the aisles, a man stood there bickering with what I can only assume was his wife.  He stood there with an empty cart in the dead center of the aisle. and she was beside him.  Even without a cart, we wouldn't have been able to get around him.  He looked at me.  Looked at Laura. And then they continued bickering as we stood there awkwardly.  Obviously, they owned the aisle - how dare we expect them to allow other shoppers through?!  So silly of us not to realize that they were the only people that mattered.

Went to dinner at Fazoli's tonight, an Italian fast-food place here in St. Louis.  It is one of many establishments that allow you to fill your own soda, complete with unlimited refills.

Our table was right next to the soda machines, and while we were eating a saw a guy with a cup that he'd brought from home.  And it wasn't just any cup, it was one of those truck-driver style buckets that could, without exaggeration, fit an entire gallon bottle inside it and then some.  He walked past and found a chair, and I foolishly assumed that he'd brought his own drink with him in that thing.

Meanwhile, the poor woman cleaning tables came out with two giant (and obviously heavy) buckets full of ice for the dispensers on the soda machines.  She got a little step ladder out, climbed up and dumped both buckets (one at a time, of course) into the first soda machine.  Then she disappeared.

We were just about done eating when we see her return with two more buckets for the second machine.  I didn't think anything of it until Laura motioned in her direction.  I look up to see her standing there, holding a bucket in each hand, waiting as the guy fills his giant bucket at the soda machine.  What's worse is that he saw her waiting there while he was stealing his soda, and didn't budge until his cup was full.  There was so much wrong with it that I just wanted to scream at him.  But unfortunately, our country is overrun by the "ME FIRST" generation, and no one matters to anyone except themselves.

Later, we decided to go to Target to see if we could find a $5.00 movie (hopefully of the awesomely bad persuasion) to enjoy tonight.  While we were there, Laura wanted to look at the Valentine's candy and stuffed animals and whatnot.  While we were in the aisle, she was looking at something while I stopped to look at a plastic heart full of Skittles.  I'm lucky I didn't turn around, because these two women with a child in their cart (not in the seat part) almost immediately round the corner and come right up to where I'm standing.  And I mean they pushed the cart up against my back.  We're talking so close that if I HAD turned around, I would've unexpectedly elbowed the poor kid in the head.  Of course, their incessant gossiping was so important that they didn't even notice when I looked at Laura and said quite audibly "What is WRONG with people!?"  So self-absorbed that no one else mattered.

Then on the way out of Target, a man and a woman were leaving the building ahead of us when the man decided to leave their empty cart behind.  So he turned and walked it to the side - which was fine.  But the woman decided to stand there waiting for him holding her two bags in the center of the doorway despite the fact that Laura, myself, and several others behind us were trying to get out.  I had to squeeze through beside her, and Laura elected to use the door on the other side.  No courtesy, no acknowledgement of the other people inhabiting the world around her, and no apologies as people squeezed through.  Only she mattered to herself.  Only she was important.

What a ridiculous day it has been.

Shopping tip of the day for 1/12/2012:  I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE A CUSTOMER!  YOU ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.