Saturday, April 16, 2011

Really? REALLY?!

Frequently, customers leave products anywhere and everywhere around the store. If they decide against buying that fresh beef, they have no reservations about leaving it in the cereal aisle. Why should they have to worry about putting away the products they picked up? Common courtesy isn't necessary when you have store associates to clean up your messes. That's what the employees are there for!

No, it isn't.

Although it is part of our jobs to keep the store neat and clean, we are not your personal butlers and maids. There is no reason other than laziness that you can't put something back where you found it.

But as bad as that kind of behavior is, it's nothing compared to what one customer did right in front of me.

I was helping him with a CD-ROM drive (this was years ago). He picked one up and looked it over for a few minutes. "Will this work on my PC?"

I explained that it would and told him that it would slide into the same drive bay as the old one. Then he saw the price. "I'm going to have to come back," he said.

Then he did something that made me want to wrap my hands around his neck. Rather than put the merchandise back in the open spot on the shelf from which it game, he reached up and dropped the box behind the other products on the top shelf. It honestly took far more effort to do that than it would've to put the thing back where he'd found it.

Then, when he saw me staring at him with wide eyes, he said, "Oh, sorry." He had to stand on the tips of his toes to retrieve the box and return it to it's rightful place on second shelf right in front of his chest.

Some might give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just trying to make sure it would be there when he returned. But I have two problems with that. First, there were at least seven other drives of the same make and model. Second, when you want to know if a store will hold a product for you, you just need to ask. As long as it's not a sale, most companies are willing to hold products for customers for up to twenty-four hours or sometimes more.

Seriously though, clean up after yourself. This is another one of those things that will help you get better service. After all, the more we have to clean up after you, the less happy we will be to help you.

Shopping Tip of the Day for 4/16/11: Got some groundbreaking mind-boggling logic for you here. Are you ready? See if you can wrap your head around this.

If the door had a sign that reads "EMPLOYEES ONLY," then only employees of the store are allowed to enter.

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