Saturday, April 23, 2011

Included Means Included

I'm sure I've mentioned before that we are professional box readers. Well, never was that made clearer to me than on this day at CompUSA.

I was walking toward the front of the store when a customer stopped me. He was holding a floppy disk drive in his hands (look it up, kids). "Does this thing come with interchangable faceplates?" he asks me. "I have a black case. The picture is white. Does it have a black faceplate I can use?"

A fair question. The item was a generic CompUSA brand drive, and most of their units were plain white. But, as always, the only way I know how to answer the question is by looking at the box. I didn't have to look for long.

Right on the front, in big black letters across a yellow star, were the words "BLACK AND WHITE FACEPLATES INCLUDED." To top it off, an image of both colored faceplates was pictured right below the text.

I just pointed at the picture and handed the box back to him.

"Nah, I know that," the customer says. "But they're in the box, right?"

That's what "included" means, Sir.

Shopping Tip of the Day for 4/23/11: No, we cannot honor your expired coupon. The expiration dates are not "suggestions" to try to make you come back within a certain amount of time. They are deadlines. And if we make an exception for you, we have to make it for everyone. Most coupons last months; that's plenty of time for you to make use of it.

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