Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clearly, I Know Nothing

Back at CompUSA, during my time running the upgrades counter, I encountered a customer who entered the store looking for a wireless network card for his PocketPC, which were big at the time. The following conversation ensued.

The man approaches the counter in a dark trenchcoat with black scarf and sunglasses. Clearly he was a businessman of some sort. No clue what he did, but he at least came across as someone with some intelligence. "Do you have wireless network cards?" he asks.

I nod. "Yes, we do."

"Good. I need one for my PocketPC."

Now, although PocketPC's were big at the time, wireless connectivity for them was still in its earlier stages and was not commonly found in stores. At least, not in CompUSA anyway. "I'm sorry sir, we only sell them for laptops and desktops."

"The laptop card will work," he tells me. "It's the same thing."

Now, I didn't know exactly what type of card a PocketPC took at the time, but I did know that it was a good deal smaller than a laptop PCMCIA card. "No, Sir, I'm afraid it isn't. The laptop card is a good deal larger and would not fit into the expansion slot on your PocketPC."

The guy is clearly getting annoyed, shaking his head and getting huffy. "No, I'm positive it will work. Can I just see one?"

I took one from the shelf behind me and handed it to him. The card was nearly as big as the entire PocketPC itself. Still, he studies the box over and over, reading the specs and looking at the picture. Finally, with a groan, he drops it on the counter. "No, this won't work." And without another word, he just walks off.

Didn't I just say that?

Shopping tip of the day for 12/9/09: When you walk up to a salesperson and ask them a question, GET OFF THE PHONE. You have no idea how obnoxious it is to try to have a conversation with you while you're having a conversation with someone else. Especially when you're on the bluetooth headset. Do you not realize that, to the rest of the world, you look like you're talking to either yourself or no one at all? Do you not understand that doing that while in the middle of a conversation with a salesperson is going to make the salesperson think you're talking to them?! GET OFF THE PHONE! Unless a close member of the family is dying, it ain't that important. And if it IS that important, then get out of my store and go attend to those important matters.