Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Consideration

I was ringing up customers one day when a woman came over from the copy department to pay for something. I honestly don't remember what. Almost at the same time, another woman with two children got in line right behind her.

While I'm ringing her up, she looks back at the copy department then back at me. "Boy, that girl over there is a bitch, huh?"

Again, there were two children standing right behind her. "Ma'am, that's quite unnecessary," I said with a glare.

She seemed legitimately surprised by this. "What? She is, isn't she?"

I rolled my eyes at her. "There's no need to use that kind of language."

The woman almost laughs. "What, you've never heard that kind of stuff before?"

"I have, Ma'am," I said, "but that happens to be a friend of mine you're talking about."

The lady shrugs. "Well, then maybe she shouldn't be acting like a bitch."

Now the woman behind her piped up. "And maybe you should be more considerate of the people around you," she snapped. "My children shouldn't have to be exposed to your foul mouth."

Amazingly, the lady didn't even flinch. "They're going to hear it growing up anyway. That's the world we live in."

"It's a world that wouldn't have to be that way if people like you could learn to bite your tongue," the mother says.

As I handed Foul-Mouth her change, she gives both me and the mother a look as though WE'RE the crazy ones before heading through the door.

Shopping tip of the day for 11/21/09: If you ask me where something is located, let me finished explaining it to you BEFORE you go running off. And if you don't, then don't come back to me with an annoyed look on your face when you can't find it.

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