Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Clearly the Only Customer Here!

We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner the other night. It was a Friday, so it was a bit busy. The waiters were doing their best to get to each table in a timely manner, but of course, with the place as full as it was, the wait times were a bit longer than usual.

On my way to the bathroom, I saw one guy delivering food to a table and he accidentally spilled some of the woman's soup all over his own hand as he set it down, slightly burning himself in the process. I felt bad for him.

Later on, two tables beside ours were pushed together to accommodate a large family that was coming in. This lady comes marching through the place with her army in tow, babbling on and on about this that and the other thing. They'd barely reached the two tables when the lady yells, "We need some bread right now! These children are starving!" She hadn't even finished putting her coat on the back of her chair, let alone sit down.

The waiter she'd yelled at? The poor guy who burned his hand earlier.

He, of course, says a quick "Yes, Ma'am" and goes on his way. The family sits down and immediately goes to work decimating the table. Forks on the floor, menus all over the place, etc. The whole time, the woman is going on and on with her husband about how the children better get some food because they haven't eaten in hours.

Eventually the bread arrives. The waiter manages to get away just before she starts going on about how the bread isn't going to be nearly enough to feed them and complaining about the time she'd been waiting for their orders to be taken. Never mind the fact that they hadn't even picked up the menus yet.

And this all happened within the span of a few minutes. And I'm sitting there thinking, "Lady, if you wanted FAST food, you should've stopped off at McDonalds." She didn't look like she was a stranger to the land of the golden arches.

I felt terrible for the waiter who had to deal with her.

Shopping tip of the day for 11/5/09: I know you customers like to be pretty heartless and vindictive when someone so much as looks at you the wrong way, but try to think twice before putting in that hate-filled phone call or complaint letter to our corporate office demanding an employee be fired. Does your minor inconvenience really justify taking away someone's livelihood? The food from their children's mouths? Get over yourself - you're not that important.

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  1. This reminded me of the lady I sold a laptop to. She was looking for a specific one and we only had the floor model left. I asked her if she wanted the floor model and she bought it. Then proceeded to send a letter to corporate complaining to them I sold her a used computer. They told her to come back to the store and we would sell her a new one. Ummm hello why the letter to corporate? I made you aware of it being a floor model and would have been happy to exchange it for you if you were'nt happy.