Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Should I Know?

Two days ago, I had a customer come in asking for metal fasteners. You know, those pointed ones that you stick through paper and then fold open to keep the sheets together?

I took him over to the section and pointed them out to him. He said, "Yeah, I already bought those. I was hoping you had some different ones. My daugher is doing a science project, and she's supposed to use them to get the light bulb to light up. But I bought those and they don't work. Do you have something that will?"

...Why yes, Sir, I just happen to be an electrical engineer. How did you guess?

Shopping tip of the day for 11/22/09: Don't complain about anything that's free. EVER. Our company gives $3 coupons for recycled ink cartridges. You can get up to 10 per month for $30 a month, and you can use them on any product in the store. You wouldn't believe the number of people who complain about it not being enough. Even worse is when they complain about it being only $3 for laser toner cartridges, too. I had one lady tell me, "That's hardly even worth it."

Really? Free money that costs you nothing other than a hunk of plastic you would've otherwise thrown in the trash isn't worth it? We're not REQUIRED to offer this convenience, lady. Either accept the generocity or get out.

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