Saturday, October 24, 2009

From One Customer to Another...

This one comes from my own experience as a shopper at Walmart. I was standing in the candy aisle looking up and down the shelves to see if they had bags of Tootsie Pops. There were a couple of other people in the aisle, but as anyone who's been to a Walmart knows, the aisles usually give plenty of space.

So while looking at a particular section of the candy, this grumpy lookin old lady pushes her cart up in front of us. I mean, we were standing maybe three feet away from the shelves, and this lady wedges herself between us and the shelves as though we weren't even there. At first I thought she might simply be trying to get past us and was too lazy to walk around, but she stops right in front of us and proceeds to slowly look over the candy on the shelves as though nothing was wrong. She picks up a pack of candy, then drops it back on the shelf. Picks up another one, but no that doesn't look good either. Finally she picks up two other kinds of candy and drops them into her cart. I expect she'll move along now.


She inches forward and stops again, still directly wedged between us and the candy. I could've walked away and waited for her to leave, but why? We were there first, we clearly weren't finished browsing, and she was being terribly inconsiderate. Then, after looking over the shelves again, she actually looks back at the two of us with this annoyed look almost as if to say, "Hey, you wanna get out of my way here?" But I wasn't budging. Finally, after a couple more minutes, she decided not to pick anything else up and went on her way.

The "Me First" mentality strikes again.

Shopping tip of the day for 10/24/09: Whether you're spending $50 or $500, you're no more important than anyone else. We have to treat everyone politely and fairly, so don't expect the royal treatment just because you can afford something really expensive.

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