Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Stupid Question

This one comes from the old list of CompUSA stupid questions.

A guy came in and looked around for a while, browsing through the CD-ROM drives and CD-Writers. At the time, the technology to write data to a CD was still pretty new. The drives themselves were on the shelves behind the counter.

"Can I see that one?" he asks, pointing to one of the CD-writers. I hand it to him, and he examines it for a second before looking at me and asking, "Does this CD-writer work?"

I was tempted to tell him that they were just for pretend like Fisher Price power tools. When I said, "Yes," I expected him to give some sort of explanation for the question. Instead, simply said, "Oh, OK. Thanks."

Did he really think we were selling phony CD writers?

Shopping tip of the day for 10/7/09: If you think you've been overcharged for something, DON'T wait until after your card authorizes to say, "Wait, I think that was cheaper." Watch the prices as they scan and speak up if you think we've made a pricing error. It happens, we know, so don't hesitate to say something. If you wait until it's time for you to sign, then that means your card has already been authorized and charged and now we're going to have to return it and re-buy it at the cheaper price, thus holding up both you and the rest of the people in line.

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