Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Mean I've Gotta Read!?

Quick one today. I was walking across the front of the store when some lady yells from halfway down one of the aisles, "EXCUSE ME!?" I back up and look down there to see this annoyed looking woman standing in front of the calculators staring at me like I should've somehow known not only that she was there but that she needed help. Whatever. I bite my tongue and head down the aisle.

She's staring at a ten dollar casio calculator and she holds it up as I get there. "Is this good for statistics class?"

I don't know how to stress how terrible I am at math. Basic equations throw me off. How am I supposed to know what calculators are right for what class?

Ah, but what I lack in math, I make up for in reading ability!

So I take the box from her and look at the list on the front of the package. Right beside the calculator in big white letters are the subjects that it can be used for. The third or fourth one down was statistics. "Yeah, this will be fine for statistics," I told her.

"Does it have X squared? The professor said I needed X squared."

Again, I'm horrible at math, but I thought I remembered that as being the button with the little x and the 2 over it. I pointed to that on the calculator. "If that function is needed for statistics, then it's gotta be here since the calculator is listed as being acceptable for statistics."

She doesn't look at what I'm pointing at or the words on the box. She just takes it from me and says, "Good," and walks away.

And that brings me to...

Shopping tip of the day for 9/16/09: Read the box. Seriously, read the box. 85% of what I know about computers I learned from reading packages for customers. That's really what the majority of my job is - reading the box for people who are too lazy to do it themselves. If you're wondering whether something is compatible with your computer or if a specific part does or does not come with the item in question, read the box. Nine times outta ten, that's all I'm going to do. I'm a professional package reader.

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