Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Mean I'm SECOND?

A guy came up to the register with a shredder. This particular shredder had a $15 rebate on it. He asked about the rebate, saying he'd never done one before. As I start explaining it, the lady behind him just yells out, "Where's the register around here?"

I didn't even look at her. "You're standing at it."

Out of the corner of my eye I see a disgusted look. "Oh." I guess she didn't feel as though she'd made her impatience clear enough, because she then proceeded to dump all over her stuff from her basket all over the counter while I finished explainig the rebate. And when I say all over the counter, I mean behind the man's shredder, in front of it, beside it, and some even on top of it. It was as though she thought the man wasn't even there and that the shredder box was just a part of the counter.

Seeing this, I decided to get quite detailed with my description of how the man could submit his rebate online and I even highlighted the website on the form - something I usually don't do. Whatever made the lady wait longer was good enough for me. It surprises me how often people don't even take into consideration the possibility that their bad attitude might wind up making their experience worse than it needed to be.

Then I finished it off by pretty much brushing her products off of his shredder and all over the counter so that the man could take it and be on his way. I'd have sped up if she'd been more polite, but polite customers are just about as rare as honest politicians.

Shopping tip of the day for 9/23/09: In most stores, an aisle stretches for the length of the store. If you ask me where a product is and I tell you it's in aisle three, be aware that you may have to take more than 4 steps into aisle three to find it. Too many people will come back to me and say, "It wasn't there!" and when I walk them over, I get ten feet into a fifty foot aisle and they say, "Oh, well I didn't come this far down."

Why not? Is there a sign ten feet in that says, "Now entering aisle 11?"

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