Friday, September 4, 2009

No More Registers

With back to school, we generally have had large masses of people just crowding around the registers. To fix this, we moved some displays and organized everyone into one long line to cut down on the confusion. We set it up kinda like Best Buy. Additionally, we finally convinced corporate to send a technician to fix our fourth register - a register that hasn't really worked in the two years I've worked there. The register went down again later in the day, but this happened before it gave out on us.

So for the first time today, we actually had all four registers working along with the register in the copy department.

So I'm directing the line, and I'm explaining to people that we're doing one line and just sending the next person to each register as they open up. Of course, someone else thinks they have a better idea. This old guy rolls his eyes and says, "You need to get more service people up there."

For a second I was confused. Did one of the cashiers walk away without my noticing? I looked up front, but all four registers were still manned, each one ringing someone up. "Sir, every register we have is open and taking customers."

He rolls his eyes at me and huffs and puffs a bit as if to say, "Yeah, sure."

I got the feeling he wanted me to say, "Of course, Sir. Let me just build a couple more registers real quick and you'll be all set to go." That brought visions of Lego Star Wars into my head - I got a vivid picture of me tossing together parts to build new registers in seconds just like how you build things in the game. And I'm still standing next to the guy as I'm thinking this, so I'm trying not to laugh in his face because, obviously, he'd take that the wrong way.

Gotta love impatient people.

Shopping tip of the day for 9/04/09: Contrary to popular belief, we do not have a bench behind customer service where cashiers are lined up just waiting to be called into action. If you feel it necessary to shout out, "Can we get another register open here?!" there's a good chance we've already realized the need for one. But in most cases, our spare cashier will be coming from another department, and if they're with a customer at the time, then it's going to be a few minutes before he can get up there. Understand that most companies will cut their stores' payroll to bare minimum whenever possible, so no one is really going to have an abundance of employees just strolling around waiting to be needed.

Yelling out, "Can we get another register open here!?" is pretty much the same as saying, "Excuse me, I'm an impatient jerk, and I just wanted everyone to know that!"

Oh, and if you're second in line and have the nerve to ask for another register, expect to be ignored. In fact, there's a good chance that the cashier might just take their sweet time getting to you just to piss you off.

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