Friday, September 25, 2009

More Kids

We got this display in recently of several different Wacom tablets for drawning on the computer by using the pen as a mouse. They just finished setting up the display the other day - the top is a demo of the actual units with a little screen that plays a brief video each time you press one of the red buttons below the displays. Beneath that, there are lots of demo boxes of the various models all neatly arranged and priced. But, as usually happens when customers are involved, it hasn't stayed that way for more than a few hours at a time.

Throughout the day today, it got messed up again. Nothing to bad, just boxes that people had put back crooked or backward or whatever. At one point in the afternoon, I noticed an associate had fixed it all up again so it looked good as new.

Not ten minutes later, I'm at customer service trying to clean up another soda spill with my swiffer/clorox wipe contraption when my cashier turns to me and says, "Boy, they like those red lights!" I look up, and she points toward the tablet display. Lo and behold, there are two kids, screaming and giggling, pounding on the buttons like it was a whack-a-mole game. In the process, they completely ravaged the cardboard display boxes underneath. By the time their mother pops out of one of the aisles, the entire display looked like an earthquake had hit. Not one box remained standing.

And, as expected, the mother did nothing to fix the mess her brats had made. She simply took their hands and went on her way... then let go of their hands again when I presume something shiny attracted her attention and she wandered down a different aisle.

Shopping tip of the day for 9/25/09: If you walk up to me with a random item and say, "How much is this?" don't be surprised when I head to the register to scan it and find out. I don't have the time, patience, or interest to be memorizing the prices of every item in the store. Why you expect that we should just know all the prices offhand is beyond me - you can see how many things we carry.

And when we do take you up front to have a cashier scan it, you should know that as you're muttering the words, "Well, I could've done that," we're doing the same.

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