Monday, September 21, 2009

Loving Mother

Today introduced me to one of the more heartless mothers I think I've seen in a long time.

I was standing at customer service when I observed this. There was a young boy, maybe 12 years old, standing in front of the counter. Since the line for the customer service register actually goes around the other end of the counter, our cashier asked if he needed help with something while waiting for his customer to sign for a credit card purchase. The boy kinda stares blankly ahead for moment before saying, "Oh, no. I'm just waiting for my Mom." It was at this point I noticed the boy had a white cane. He then turns away from the counter and quietly goes, "Mom?" Clearly, this boy was blind.

A moment or two passes before a blond lady in line about seven or eight feet away says, "Over here." No emotion. No calling his name. She almost sounded annoyed. The look on her face WAS annoyed. I'm glad he couldn't see it. He takes a couple of timid steps in that direction - not using his cane, I noticed - with a hand extended in front of him. Perhaps there'd been a recent accident which had taken his sight and he wasn't used to using the cane or something. Whatever the case, he's kinda walking past her when she simply says, "Here," and he turns toward her. Again, barely spared him a glance. It was as though guiding him was nothing more than a chore to her. I wanted to go smack her.

He stayed close to her from that point on until they left the store. If he did recently lose his eyesight, then perhaps she's just having trouble handling the stress of being his eyes for now, but I can't imagine how any mother could allow themselves to be so heartless toward their disabled child. It was painful to watch.

Shopping tip of the day for 9/21/09: We've all been in there. You know, that time when you took something from the shelf and brought it up front only to find that the cashier couldn't get it to scan? What did you say? What words burst from your mouth with a giant smile because you thought you were so clever? C'mon, you know what you said. It's the same thing everyone says. No, I mean it. EVERYONE.

"I guess it must be free!"

It ain't free. And you're going to have a hell of a time convincing any cashier that it SHOULD be free just because you suggested it. We hear that day in and day out from every customer every time something doesn't scan or isn't marked with a price. And every time, the customer smiles and laughs as if they've made the grandest joke while their shifty eyes betray their hopes that we'll somehow take their advice and give them the product for free. It ain't gonna happen. And don't look offended when we don't laugh at your attempt at humor. It's hard to laugh at a joke you've heard so many times, especially when it so often STARTS as a joke and ENDS with a customer arguing with a manager.

After all, Mr. Customer, if you were joking, why are you pushing so hard to get it for free?

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