Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Common Courtesy

While making way to the front of the store, I came across a large soda spill in between two of the back to school displays. One of the other employees was already working on mopping it up, so I thought nothing of it and continued on my way. Later in the day, when I walked past that same area again, I saw that the mop had mixed the soda with the dirt on the floor to leave a large stain of sticky black swirls across the tiles. I had been cleaning the front registers with Clorox wipes at the time, so immediately I thought they would do a good job cleaning the floor. I also knew we had a Swiffer in one of the offices, so I grabbed that, wrapped the Clorox wipes around the head, and ran it across the floor.

The stain came up relatively easily. That is, the small section of the stain I could get to. Since it was between two of the back to school displays and that's what most people are coming in to shop for, customers were making it difficult for me to get to the whole thing. I mean, I understood that the people who were already there had a right to finish shopping without me pushing them out of the way. I waited for those who were already there to clear out, then went to work on the floor. It was maybe a 5 foot section, nothing too big. You'd think that new customers would've seen me cleaning the mess and thought, "Hey, let's stand back a minute and let him finish." After all, a minute is about all it would've taken. But nope, they trampled their way right in, walking all over the dirty parts and tracking footprints onto the small section I'd already been able to clean. I tried to work around them, but they nearly stepped on the Swiffer a couple of times. There was no way they hadn't noticed or seen what I was trying to do - I was less than two feet away from them! But no, they're customers, so their shopping is more important than any amount of courtesy.

Gotta love the "I want what I want and I want it NOW!" mentality of society these days.

Shopping tip of the day for 9/01/09: No, I don't speak Spanish. And I have no intention of learning, either.

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