Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Candy Dilemma

At my last job, I worked for a while at our computer upgrades counter. It was a department that ran along the far wall to the left of the registers. We were about thirty feet away from the cashiers, so for most people, there was no confusing us. Still, some people would walk up and ask if they could pay there. No big deal, we simply told them where the cashiers were.

One lady, however, did something that still puzzles me to this day.

Like many retailers, we had candy racks by the registers. BY THE REGISTERS. This woman entered the store, walked around for a bit, went up to the registers and picked up a Snickers. Then she proceeded to come over to the upgrades counter and ask, "Where do I pay for candy bars?"

.....Perhaps at the register where you picked it up?

Or maybe you'd like to make use of our special candy bar register in the back?

Shopping tip of the day for 9/08/09: You may take good care of your personal hygiene, but we come across plenty of people every day who do not, and sometimes we can't tell which catagory you fall into. Don't hand me your greasy cell phone and expect me to put it against my ear to talk to someone who knows what you want better than you. They should've come to the store themselves or you should've written down a better description of what they wanted. Or at least SOME description. Likewise, I will not be putting on your bluetooth headset. You can keep your earwax and whatever else you got goin on to yourself. Thanks.


  1. Ahhh the upgrades counter. Do you still have all the pieces of paper with the stupid customer questions and comments?

  2. Ahahah Yes I do - and I'm slowly working them into this thing lol