Monday, August 24, 2009

You Didn't See That

Today, as I'm returning from lunch, I'm walking up aisle 1 toward the front of the store. I pass a woman near the paper and I hear a distinct tearing sound. A quick glance reveals that she's ripping open the top corner of the package and yanking a page out through the two inch hole she's created to feel how thick it is. Mind you, she's not just opening the package from the top seal, she's tearing a hole out of the thing.

So I walk over and say, "Ma'am?"

She looks at me, her eyes get wide, and the inevitable words spill from her mouth. "This was opened already."

I could have argued that I had watched her open it because I had, but people seem to think the phrase "The Customer is Always Right" gives them the right to say and do whatever they please. Instead, I showed her where we have paper samples lined up on the shelf not five feet away where she could have felt the thickness and examined the differences in brightness levels. She thanked me and I went on my way, wondering if she really thought that the employees of the store don't walk the aisles enough to have a good idea of what's already open and what isn't. Generally, we take open product off the shelves when we find it.

A few minutes later I saw her waiting to check out up front. In her arms she held a package of the same type of paper she had ripped open.

Of course, the one she was buying was unopened. Go figure.

Shopping Tip of the Day for 8/24/09: The customer is NOT always right.

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